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Best options for agricultural business

When in need of extra funding for your agricultural business, you can always consult Funding Buddy to provide a range of suitable financing options.

Funding Buddy offers working capital, invoice financing, merchant cash advance services, and more to help agricultural businesses meet their fiscal needs. The products are customized to fit the unique nature of agricultural business, ensuring that they will end up being beneficial.

Our highly trained team has the capacity to analyze your business and other risk characteristics in order to come up with the most beneficial finance service for agricultural businesses.

What can you use the extra funds for?

Many times, even a well-managed agriculture business will find itself in a situation where more funds are needed for the business to either grow or continue to exist. For instance, a drought that lasts longer than anticipated could result in destruction of crops, which drains money needed for planting in the next season.

Here is a list of goals, that we can help you to achieve:

  • Expansion of the agriculture business
  • Investment in advanced agriculture machinery
  • Employment of more staff to cover labor shortages
  • Buying new land plots for agricultural purposes

Get funding offers

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Why choose Funding Buddy for agriculture business financing?

We offer industry-leading merchant cash advance services which can be used for invoice financing, working capital and more in order to sustain your agriculture business. With issues such as climate change and fluctuations in food prices, Funding Buddy understands that agriculture businesses are often faced with a lot of uncertainty, and this could influence their approach to funding them. Most other financial firms will decline to provide funds on account of this uncertainty, or charge high premiums as a way of mitigating risk.

At Funding Buddy, we are committed to ensuring that your business thrives no matter what the business environment is. This is why we offer agriculture businesses a very easy application process and fast turnaround time about the decision. Not only do agriculture business owners who get financing from Funding Buddy get some of the most favorable financing terms in the market, you can also look forward to an excellent customer experience as well.