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Funding Criteria

Fico Score
Funding Amount
$2,500 – $5,000,000
Term Length
Not Applicable
Time in Business
3 Months+
Time to Fund
As Little as 24 Hours

Make your unpaid invoices work

Invoice financing essentially involves using outstanding invoices as collateral to secure funding for businesses. This type of funding is usually easier and quicker to obtain and can provide up to 100% of the invoice values depending on the company policies and business fundamentals.

When customers buy goods or services from your company and are late in paying for them, your business will temporarily lack both stock and cash. In some cases, such as when business is good, this can come at a heavy cost, such as other customers missing what they need from your store. This can tarnish the business name.

With Funding Buddy, the entire process is extremely easy, and guarantees clients that the needs of their business comes first.

How does it work?

Using your accounts receivable values are used as collateral to get a cash advance

After the outstanding invoices have been collected you will pay a financing fee, typically 2-4% of the total invoice value

You are responsible for collecting the total amount of outstanding receivables

Get funding offers

There is no obligations for trying and it never affects your credit score