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Stellar funding solutions for hotel & motel

Funding Buddy is dedicated to helping hotel motel business owners grow their revenues by offering business financing.

Businesses in the hospitality industry need to have a steady cash flow to enable them to invest in marketing strategies and renovation fees to stay on top of their competitors. Whether you are looking for merchant cash advances or reverse consolidation, we are your trusted lender for fast business funding.

Bank lenders consider the hotel motel business a high risk venture mainly because their success is based on external factors. The local economic health and level of tourism in the area often plays a huge role in determining the risk assessment of a hotel or motel applying for funding with a bank. Hotel owners need to obtain the right financing to fit their business needs and help secure their future.

What can you use the extra funds for??

Our funding is tailored to meet your needs depending on the size of your business. The application process is typically fast, easy and provides the cash you need quickly.

Here is a list of goals, that we can help you to achieve:

  • Purchasing a new plot of land to improve your facilities
  • Hotel or motel renovation fees
  • Expanding your establishment
  • Hiring more employees
  • Meeting the costs of daily operations

Get funding offers

There is no obligations for trying and it never affects your credit score

Why choose Funding Buddy for hotel & motel financing?

At Funding Buddy, we offer an alternative type of funding that can provide lending options to hotel motel owners. Our application process focuses mostly on what you have created and the overall health of your business. This means that your credit score is not our primary focus when it comes to gaining an approval for your funding.

We also offer flexibility in payment schedules based on your business sales volume. Take advantage of our merchant advance which has no late fees charges. To learn more about your options for working capital needs, talk to our in-house customer care representatives who are available 24/7.