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Funding Criteria

Fico Score
Funding Amount
$60,000 - $5,000,000
Term Length
12 Months – 30 Years
Time in Business
3 Months+
Time to Fund
As Fast as 3 Days

Hard money loan for Fix & Flip real estate projects

Hard Money provides fast funding for an industry that can’t afford slow bank approvals and rigorous underwriting delaying construction projects.

If you and your business have outgrown your current borrowing limit or are looking for a better “Fix and Flip” financing solution, Funding Buddy can help. According to the Turner Building Cost Index, which measures construction costs in the United States, there is a quarter-on-quarter increase in costs from 2016 to 2017. What this means is that you will definitely have to dig deep into the pockets for new building financing.

By capitalizing on our Short-Term Construction Loan solution, you will be able to handle projects fast without worrying about the costs of development.

How does it work?

Funding amount is based on collateral to secure a Hard Money loan to invest in the development real estate

Money is dispersed to the borrower with an expected single return payment and not in installments

The repayment of the principal loan amount plus interest is designed to aid businesses that specialize in Fix-and-Flip projects

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There is no obligations for trying and it never affects your credit score